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Save The Hairy Dog!

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As Derby's nightlife turns into cocktails, chains and gentrification, The Hairy Dog stands out as the most unique, friendly and welcoming of venues in the city. Everyone from all walks of life, sexuality and gender identities are welcome and treated equally.

The Hairy Dog is one of the few truly independent pubs left in Derby. Regularly hosting charity and music events as well as helping to raise money for a number of causes. It stands at the heart of Derby's music scene.

Unfortunately The Hairy Dog has been facing increasing pressure from Derby City Council, as it believes it is a dangerous bar. Anyone who has visited the venue knows this is untrue.

The Hairy Dog is no more "dangerous" than any other bar in Derby. In fact, it stands as one of the safest. Both bar and door staff are friendly and supportive at all times. It has become a haven for Derby's alternative scene - Of which, nowhere else in the city exists.

The threat of closure from the council is a threat not just to The Dog, but to Derby's music scene and individually.

I urge everyone to take a moment to sign this petition and show The Council that we do not agree with their views and actively take a stand against them.

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 Play And Recycling Centre (P.A.R.C.) provides a one-stop outlet for affordable reclaimed materials suitable for creative play and cost-effective refurbishment, both for community groups and families, whilst offering a positive and supportive environment for volunteers as a means of improving their employment prospects, aiding rehabilitation and keeping the retired active. Despite making repairs to our roof over the years we can no longer keep up with the patching required. We need a new roof. Stock is covered with plastic and areas of the building have become unsafe to use, due to falling debris. Also we are now getting patches of damp that make it an unpleasant space to work in. The new roof will allow repairs and refurbishment of the first floor. Rooms can be offered for community use  such as workshops and meeting rooms and stock can be allocated to suitable spaces.

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